Kevin De Bruyne Confirms Manchester City Stay Amid Saudi Rumors

Kevin De Bruyne addresses transfer rumors, confirming his commitment to Manchester City despite lucrative offers from Saudi Arabia. Read more for exclusive insights.

7/1/20241 min read

Kevin De Bruyne Confirms Manchester City Stay Amid Saudi Rumors

In a recent interview with HLN, Kevin De Bruyne has put to rest the swirling rumors about a potential move to Saudi Arabia. The Manchester City star, who has been a pivotal figure in the club’s success, confirmed his commitment to staying with the Premier League champions.

De Bruyne stated, “Staying at City? Yes, yes… I’ve read a lot of headlines about a transfer to Saudi Arabia, but I haven’t spoken to anyone.” He emphasized that while lucrative offers might tempt some players, his focus remains on Manchester City. “If there’s a good offer and you tell Pep you want to leave then it is possible. This may be different at other clubs. But I have never indicated that I want to leave.”

The Belgian midfielder also addressed the financial aspect, saying, “I have more than enough money. But if an absurd amount comes then it is also for my family, my relatives, my grandchildren, my great-grandchildren and my friends.”

This statement from De Bruyne is a significant reassurance for Manchester City fans, who can now look forward to seeing their star player continue to shine at the Etihad Stadium. As the transfer window heats up, De Bruyne’s commitment to City is a testament to his loyalty and dedication to the club.

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